Shift Work and Industrial Accidents

Work-related fatigue is a major cause of on-the-job injury and industrial accidents. Injury rates peak for sleep-deprived workers who are up to 70% more likely to be involved in an injury or accident. In 24/7 operations, it is essential for managers and employees to be aware of the dangers of circadian disruptive lighting, and take measures to reduce risks.

Reducing Fatigue on the Front-Line

In connection with our affiliation with CIRCADIAN® - a leading global consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies with 24/7 operations, our research includes long term studies of employee performance in mission-critical operations across the healthcare, transportation, mining, manufacturing and energy sectors. In a study of employee performance in night-shift nursing staff we found that by removing circadian-disruptive blue light at night, workers reported a 67% reduction in mistakes and 31% reduction in sleepiness at 5AM after working an overnight shift.

Supporting Employee Wellness 24/7

On-Site and Remote Workforce Solutions

The need to support employee wellness doesn't end at 5PM. With the increasing trend in remote work and globalization, it is increasingly common for workers to work extra hours in the evening to communicate with remote teams, or to focus on a project without distractions from family care duties. However, management concerns arise when this activity results in depression and reduced productivity the next day. Providing circadian blue light glasses to remote workers can support performance and wellbeing around the clock, enabling a globally distributed team to compete in todays 24/7 economy.

Corporate Purchasing

BLUESAFE 24 lenses are available for integration into employee health & safety programs, including with OSHA-approved ANSI Z87.1-compliant safety eyewear frame and lens packages.

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