The Future of Blue Light Protection

Unlike other blue light glasses that don't block enough blue light to effectively protect circadian health, or that block more than is needed, interfering with vision and everyday use, our patented 𝘉𝘓𝘜𝘌𝘚𝘈𝘍𝘌 24™ lenses are designed to deliver exactly the right amount of blue light blocking, protecting circadian health while preserving brightness and functional color vision.

Optimizing Blue Light for Health

The Key to Unlocking Better Health and Alertness

Our research results at the CIRCADIAN® Light Research Center have shown that blocking the correct amount of circadian blue light at night enables the human body to maintain a natural cycle of melatonin production throughout the night, facilitating restorative biological processes, improving sleep quality and promoting improved alertness.

BLUESAFE 24 eyewear are designed to provide a safe limit of blue light exposure during night-time hours, while simultaneously delivering a high level of lens brightness and functional color vision. By optimizing exposure to blue light throughout the day and night, circadian health can be protected, providing extensive benefits to human performance and well-being.

Key Eyewear Benefits

Supporting healthy sleep is just the beginning - when circadian rhythms are well-regulated, widespread benefits can result including improved metabolism, energy and mental state.

Enhance Sleep Quality

Our research shows that blue light blocking eyewear can increase sleep induction by 8 minutes, reduce intra-sleep interruptions by 22 minutes, and increase total sleep duration by 40 minutes.

Sleep Quality Benefits

Use Devices Safely at Night

Digital devices including phones, tablets and computers emit excess blue light at night that disrupts sleep and circadian health. BLUESAFE 24 lenses enabling device use into the evening hours safely, without the annoying dark orange tint of other lenses.

About Digital Devices

Boost Energy & Recovery

Optimizing circadian health is key to acheiving increased alertness, mental clarity and energy during the day when you need it the most. BLUESAFE 24 lenses enable management of the optimal exposure to blue light around the clock to support peak performance potential.

Performance Benefits

Reduce Fatigue at Work

Exposure to excess blue light during night-shift work can cause dangerous levels of sleepiness and fatigue in the early morning hours. By protecting the circadian rhythm from disruption, BLUESAFE 24 lenses enable a faster recovery from night shift work. Our research found that removing blue light at night resulted in improved cognitive function during early morning hours for night shift workers, which can reduce workplace errors and industrial accidents when they are most likely to occur.

Health & Safety at Work

Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

Our research into the effects of night-time blue light on human cognitive state showed that after one week of using eyewear to filter out circadian-disruptive blue light at night, participants had a reduction in mood disruptions and reduction in daytime sleepiness scores by 35%, according to the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) and Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS).

About Mental Wellness

Control Excess Appetite at Night

Night-time exposure to blue light has been shown to trigger excess appetite as a stress response. A one-year study at the CIRCADIAN® Light Research Center found that when circadian-disruptive blue light was removed from indoor lighting at night, workers showed a 45% reduction in night-time snacking.

Metabolic Benefits