Instructions for Use

BLUESAFE 24™ eyewear featuring the NightShift GT lens technology are intended for reducing exposure to harmful wavelengths of blue-light at night that disrupt the human circadian rhythm. For best results, wear glasses during evening hours after 7pm until bed time, and during any late night awake hours up until 5am. Do not wear the glasses during the day.

Health Benefits of BLUESAFE 24 Lenses*

  • Promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle even when interrupted by occasional late night activities.
  • Improves quality and duration of sleep, reducing fatigue and promoting enhanced alertness. 
  • Supports regular circadian rhythms which may help to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Helps control excess appetite at night which may help to reduce unhealthy weight.
  • Reduces human error and improves work performance.
  • Improves mood stability and general sense of wellbeing.

Care and Handling

For maximum optical performance, BLUESAFE 24 lenses are anti-reflection coated and include a water & oil repellant coating on the front and back surfaces. To remove dust and smudges from routine use, BLUESAFE 24 eyewear may be cleaned using an optical-grade cleaning spray and the included microfiber cloth. The glasses can also be cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water, and then dried and polished with the included microfiber cleaning cloth. Do not clean the product with detergents or solvents such as rubbing alcohol. Do not wipe the frame or lenses with abrasive materials such as paper towels or clothing. Do not store the glasses in direct sunlight under extreme heat, such as on a car dashboard. For maximum lifespan, always store the eyewear inside the included case.


BLUESAFE 24 lenses are not intended to treat or cure any disease or medical condition. The glasses are not suitable for driving at night.

Legal Notices

BLUESAFE 24 is a trademark of CircadianEye, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Made in the USA using materials imported from China.

The BLUESAFE 24 lens technology and methods of use for reducing disruption to circadian rhythms may be covered by one or more patents. Patents:

* Shadab A. Rahman, Colin M. Shapiro, Flora Wang, Hailey Ainlay, Syeda Kazmi, Theodore J. Brown & Robert F. Casper (2013) Effects of Filtering Visual Short Wavelengths During Nocturnal Shiftwork on Sleep and Performance, Chronobiology International, 30:8, 951-962, DOI: 10.3109/07420528.2013.789894