Evidence-Based Blue Light Solutions

Today, many eyewear companies recognize the growing demand for blue light blocking lenses, but without an in-depth understanding of the underlying science. As a result, they risk misinforming their customers about the role of blue light in human health and may lose credibility and trust within the scientific and medical communities.

Widely available blue light lenses currently sold in the market, such as so-called "clear" blue light lenses, do not block enough blue light to support many of the commonly associated marketing claims for these products. Furthermore, "amber" colored lenses sold by some companies have been shown in our studies to offer only partial mitigation of the negative consequences of night-time blue light exposure, while other "orange" lens products are designed with more light blocking than is needed, resulting in high non-adapt rates and customer attrition. Optimizing blue light exposure and customer happiness requires precisely designed spectral blocking to achieve lens designs that balance effectiveness and vision quality.

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing and circadian health of people everywhere with effective, science-based blue light technology. In keeping with our goals, BLUESAFE 24 lenses and related intellectual property are available for licensing with third-party brands.

For more information about licensing and distribution opportunities with BLUESAFE 24 lenses please contact us to discuss the opportunity!

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About CircadianEye

CircadianEye, LLC was established in 2021 to commercialize patented circadian blue light technologies based on human performance research performed at the CIRCADIANÂŽ Light Reserach Center.

Our mission is to enhance human performance and wellbeing by optimizing our exposure to blue light around the clock, enabling people to thrive and survive in today's 24/7 society.