• Improve Sleep Quality

    Our research shows that using eyewear that block circadian-disruptive blue light can increase speed of falling asleep by 8 minutes, reduce intra-sleep interruptions by 22 minutes and increase total sleep duration by 40 minutes.

    About Sleep Quality 
  • Use Digital Devices Safely

    Digital devices including phones, tablets and computers emit excess blue light at night that disrupts sleep and circadian health. BLUESAFE 24 lenses enable you to work and play into the evening hours without disrupting your circadian health.

    Digital Devices and Blue-Light 
  • Boost Energy & Recovery

    Supporting regular circadian rhythms elevates alertness and energy during the day when you need it the most. BLUESAFE 24 lenses enable management of the optimal quotient of blue-light around the clock to support peak performance potential.

    Performance Optimization 
  • Reduce Errors at Work

    Exposure to excess blue-light during shift work can cause dangerous levels of fatigue. By blocking circadian-disruptive light at night, BLUESAFE 24 lenses promote improved cognitive function during early morning hours when errors and accidents are most likely to occur.

    Workplace Health & Safety 
  • Improve Mood

    Evening and night-time blue-light exposure elevates the cortisol stress hormone and supresses natural melatonin onset. After one week of using eyewear to filter out circadian-disruptive blue light at night, our research showed a reduction in CES-D mood disruption by over 35%.

    Stress and Mood Benefits 
  • Control Excess Appetite

    Night-time exposure to blue-light has been shown to trigger excess appetite as a stress response. A one-year study of night-shift workers with circadian-disruptive blue light removed from indoor lighting found a 45% reduction in night-time snacking and 28% reduction in persons rated overweight.

    Metabolic Benefits