Our Promise

We created BLUESAFE 24 with one goal: to make a positive difference in the wellbeing of people everywhere by empowering them to retake control of their circadian health in todays 24/7 society.

That is why we stand by our Feel Good Guarantee: Try our eyewear for 100 nights risk free, and if you want to return or exchange the product for any reason, we'll pay the return shipping*

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The BLUESAFE 24 Difference

Proven Effectiveness - Superior Vision

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Multi-Coated Optics

We believe that your vision should not be hampered by annoying backside reflections and smudges, which is why we include premium anti-reflection coatings and a superhydrophobic top coating that resists adhesion of dust and oils, ensuring that your lenses stay clear and free of distractions.

High-Impact Lenses

Unlike glass and CR-39 plastic lenses which are heavy and prone to breakage on impact, our lenses are formed with ophthalmic-grade polycarbonate: a lightweight plastic with exceptional clarity and impact resistance.

Optimized Functional Vision

BLUESAFE 24 lenses are built from the ground up to strike the optimal balance of effectiveness and functional vision performance. Other lenses that use blue light "cut-off" filters block more light than is needed, resulting in high color distortion and low brightness, interfering with everyday use. Our patented BLUESAFE 24 lenses are designed to deliver exactly the right amount of blue light blocking, protecting circadian health while preserving brightness and supporting functional color vision.

Proven in Research Studies

BLUESAFE 24 lenses were developed following more than two decades of research at the Circadian Light Research Center, Harvard Medical School and the University of Toronto. Drawing on insights from our affiliation with the CIRCADIANยฎ group of companies our products are based on results of extended duration studies of human performance and wellbeing in demanding 24/7 mission-critical settings including the healthcare, transportation and energy sectors.

Patented Lens Technology

The BLUESAFE 24 innovations in lens design and methods of protecting circadian health have been recognized by patent offices around the world as original inventions worthy of protection. We are dedicated to continuing to push the envelope for 24/7 blue light protection with new products in the years to come.

Ultralight Hypoallergenic Frames

BLUESAFE 24ย eyewear are made from optical-grade TR-90 Nylon, the same material found in the world's top premium sports eyewear and active sunglass brands. TR-90 is 30% lighter than acetate, has excellent chemical resistance, and is highly resilient to repeated mechanical stress.

Accessories Included

Unlike other blue light glasses that don't block enough blue light to effectively protect circadian health, or that block more than is needed, interfering with vision and everyday use, our patented ๐˜‰๐˜“๐˜œ๐˜Œ๐˜š๐˜ˆ๐˜๐˜Œ 24โ„ข lenses are designed to deliver exactly the right amount of blue light blocking, resulting in an optimal combination of proven effectiveness with superior brightness and functional color vision.

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