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Recharge / NightShift GT

Recharge / NightShift GT

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The Recharge OTG ("Over-the-Glasses") is a fit-over style that can be conveniently worn over existing glasses. Compared to a clip-on, the OTG style has a full-coverage design that limits the entry of stray light around the top and sides of the frame. Made with lightweight TR-90 material, Recharge is equipped with our NightShift GT lens to support evening and night-time activities free from circadian-disruptive blue light.
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Lens Information

The NightShift GT Gradient Transmission lens delivers a relaxing transition between an upper region of increased blue-light blocking to control circadian-disruptive lighting, to a lower region designed to facilitate unimpeded vision for task performance and movement.

Dual-surface multi-layer anti-reflection coatings eliminate glare, ghosting and internal reflections, while the super hydrophobic top-coating reduces the adhesion of dirt and dust for easy-to-clean optics.

Material: Polycarbonate


Frame: TR-90 Nylon

Lens: Polycarbonate

EVA Zipper Case

Oversize Polyester Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

User Instructions

To reduce circadian disruption from blue light, wear glasses regularly during any night-time activities from 7PM to 5AM.

Do not use during daytime hours.

Why Circadian Blue Light Glasses?

Exposure to excess blue light can disrupt sleep and human health, but blocking too much is also harmful. Our patented lenses block the right wavelengths at the right time, so you can take back control of your circadian health.

Improve Sleep Quality

When used as directed, BLUESAFE 24 lenses increase speed of falling asleep by 8 minutes, reduce intra-sleep interruptions by 22 minutes and increase total sleep duration by 40 minutes.

Sleep Quality Benefits

Use Devices Safely at Night

Digital devices including phones, tablets and computers emit excess blue light at night that disrupts sleep and circadian health, even with "low blue" modes enabled. BLUESAFE 24 lenses enable you to work and play into the evening hours safely worry-free, and without the annoying dark orange tint of other lenses.

About Digital Devices

Boost Energy & Recovery

Supporting regular circadian rhythms elevates alertness and energy during the day when you need it the most. BLUESAFE 24 lenses ensure delivery of the optimal quotient of blue light around the clock so you can perform at your peak potential.

Performance Optimization

Reduce Fatigue and Errors at Work

Exposure to excess blue light at night has been shown to cause excess sleepiness and fatigue the next day. By blocking 90% of circadian-disruptive light at night, BLUESAFE 24 lenses promote improved cognitive function during early morning hours associated with an increased incidence of workplace errors and industrial accidents.

Health & Safety at Work

Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

After one week of using BLUESAFE 24 lenses at night, our research showed a statistically significant reduction in CES-D mood disruption and ESS daytime sleepiness scores by over 35%.

About Mental Wellness

Control Excess Appetite at Night

Night-time exposure to blue light has been shown to trigger excess appetite as a stress response. A one-year study of BLUESAFE 24 lenses with night-shift nursing staff showed a 45% reduction in night-time snacking and 28% reduction in persons rated overweight by BMI.

Metabolic Benefits